Ramman Realty


RAMMAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (RRDC), a domestic corporation organized under and by virtue of the laws of the Philippines and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 4, 1997 with SEC Reg. No. C199700644. Its primary business is to provide sustainable housing development catering specifically on the lower and socialized market. Organized to meet the demands of a rapidly changing market its greatest strength lies in its “AFFORDABLE SHELTER” concept on all its project development. Although its market is on the lower and socialized level, each development tries to bring the best in the amenities and quality materials.

The mission of RAMMAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is to utilize our experience and knowledge to serve and meet the needs and goals of our client, a kind of a high quality designs and quality in construction both in vertical and horizontal works. The company and its staff have the technology, manpower, expertise and equipments to meet the ever growing demands and requirements of its clients. Our staff and our employees are also committed to always give our clients the best service can get from us. Fair and honest dealings with them are our commitment in order to make us a reliable company. RAMMAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION was established in 1997 and has continued to successfully serve the community under the same name and general location maintaining our stability and good reputation. We have already years of experience in different construction cycles and have increased our business relationship with Bankers, Business Owners, Attorneys and Accountants to provide maximum service to our clients. Our referrals come from Bankers, Attorneys, Chamber of Commerce and our many satisfied clients.

RAMMAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION is involved and have a computerized system with the Developer’s Organization throughout most of Central Cebu. We at RAMMAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION are committed to the community, We live, wok, play and pray here. We promote our local business by emphasizing our expertise in the RAMMAN REALTY & DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, construction firm, which is an advantage we have had for over 9 years.


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